VIDEO: "Tokitowa" Character Introduction Trailer

Get an introduction to "Tokitowa" leading lady Toki

As more and more gets revealed of ImageEpoch's PS3-exclusive RPG Toki to Towa (Tokitowa), it might be a little disappointing for some of you that this new trailer doesn't show any gameplay--rather, it's an introduction video to main character Toki, who travels through time with her alter-ego Towa to find out why her wedding was crashed and her fiance attacked.



This game and its animation always looks amazing, but the last time I saw a game with fully-animated characters, it was the laserdisc-based Dragon's Lair and Space Ace arcade cabinets. That was a long time ago, so I'm wondering how this game will hold up. What about you? Are you looking forward to Toki to Towa? What do you think about this game's chances of coming to North America? 


via Andriasang

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