Midnight Net Detritus Gallery - "+ Tic Neesan" Face Swap Edition

The best of the net from incredible "Jet Set Radio" to the goofiest Nendoroid figures you've seen

Good Smile Company's Nendoroid figures are generally modular, which means that the release of a new figure based on the Young Gangan gag manga series +tic Nee-san has infected the SD community with some amazingly goofy expressions. And that's just the start for some outstanding new media picked from around the net. 



via Yaraon

In honor of AMC killing The Killing

Sho Maru, of realistic My Ordinary Life fame, draws cleaned up, realistic  Rintaro Okabe

Aoi Hana gets on the mass transit co-promotion bandwagon

Toei excluse Smile Precure t-shrts

day late Total Eclipse birthday

covers of the latest volumes

Fist of the North Star writer Buronson's new Silencer 


009 Re: Cyborg drinks

@Rafchu Jet Set Radio art


The Joshiraku girls visit Comiket


horror manga legend Kazuo Umezu's insane 14 is getting a new "Perfect Edition"

Letter Bee author Hiroyuki Asada's cover for manga anthology Nemesis

Kanayago - a new manga about a young woman apprentice sword maker

running in Comic Zenon

Adam Warren has posted pages from his proposal package for a Kill Bill comic



via Strange Kids Club

The Wonder Fest barrage begins

via @catsuka

via  The tattooed girl from Osamu Tezuka's I.L (1969-70)


Space Sheriff Gavan The Movie poster


lot's of Kyubeys at Otakon



Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett's Monkey King animation created to the Beijing games



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