Talk to Anime and Game Characters with "Voice World"

Bandai-Namco's latest "Voice World" game is "Idol Master" characters.

On July 30th, the same day Bandai-Namco Games releases Idol Master Wafers 2, they will also launch a service that allows you an audio experience as if you were talking to the Idol Master idol characters using Voice World.



Voice World is a game that works on Japanese "keitai" cell phone services (in the Japanese language) that doesn't stop at you calling in. The characters call you as well.



Here's how it works. First you purchase either a package of Macross Frontier Wafers 9 (until the end of July) or an Idol Master Wafers 2 (starting in late July) at a retail store. In the package, you get an illustrated "clear card" and a coco-cream wafer. You also get a serial number on the package.



You use the serial number to call into the Voice World service and register. From there you spend a day solving a Macross Frontier mystery or acting as producer to help an Idol Master idol to success.



In the Macross Frontier version, the mystery starts when you get an emergency message from Ranka. Sheryl is passed out and nothing Ranka can do will wake her. She calls you figuring that an unfamiliar voice might do the trick. From there you are given several options on how to help Ranka and Sheryl which leads to different outcomes. As the game progresses, your decisions bring out different parts of the game, and some decisions can lead to "rare" responses.


With the serial number on the Idol Master Wafers 2 package, you register in on one day, and the next day from 6:00 AM through 10:00 PM you will start a two-way conversation with one of the thirteen idols in the game such as Haruka Amami or Makoto Kikuchi. You will be the idol's producer, and she'll ask you questions. Her responses to you will vary depending on your answers.



You will also receive a Voice World serial number if you buy Idol Master Jelly. The wafer package is 105 yen (about $1.35) and the jelly is 525 yen (about $6.70).



So would you spend a day as an idol producer?


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Source: Mantan Web

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