VIDEO: Check Out a Gritty Fan-Made "Power Rangers" Trailer

Slick combat combines with intense dialogue about curses, gifts, and dark times ahead

Let's just face it, folks: all the shows we loved as kids are coming back in dark, gritty reboots. Sometimes they get it right, like the new ThunderCats cartoon. Other times, they get it dreadfully wrong, like the live-action Transformers movies where the normally-righteous Optimus Prime savagely kills his enemies in cold blood.


Youtube filmmakers Limitless Films, LLC have put all their skills to the test to make their own "dark and gritty" reboot for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, appropriately trimmed down to just Power Rangers. Check it out!



That... was pretty badass, actually. Kinda surprising to see Tommy get all up in Kimberly's grill like that, and where were the Yellow, and Blue Rangers? Oh well, they're not that important anyways. What'd you think of Limitless Films' take on the Mighty Morphin' teen heroes?



via Kotaku

Thanks to Kageneko622 (and his current Power Rangers fix) for the tip!

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