Giant Robot "Kuratas" KR01 Appears at Wonder Festival 2012

Wealthy fans can order their own giant robot!

The Kuratas KR01 is 4-meter, 4-ton giant robot. It's a collaborative vision of two men, artist Kogoro Kurata and OS developer Wataru Yoshizaki (V-Sido robot) with the assistance of Suidobashi Heavy Industries.



It's built so it can be operated from within the cockpit or even using remote control through a 3G linked device.



Among its weaponry are twin gatling BB guns that can shoot some 6000 BBs per minute and a water-bottle rocket launcher that is said to be so accurate that it sometimes hits the target.



Kuratas has a facial-recognition software for recognizing and automatically locking on to an enemy. Once the lock on is set, the enemy can't get away.



The Kuratas is not yet rigged for motion, but once it is, they say it will have a top speed of up to ten kilometers per hour.



The Suidobashi Heavy Industries web site features a a Kuratas that can be custom designed with weapons, optional parts and coloring. The options will cause a slight increase in price though.



At present, with no options, the unit is slatted to be purchasable for only 106,253,810 yen (about $1,355,537.50) Apparently they're looking for buyers with a little extra purchasing power.



(Note: Is Kuratas a piece of performance art? It doesn't say so anywhere in the Japanese articles. You decide.)


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