Kinnikuman Grovels Before Your Cell Phone

The new straps feature the "Kinnikuman" wrestlers groveling.

No doubt about it. Kinnikuman is a screw-up. But has he screwed up so badly this time that he has to go down on his hands and knees weeping rivers of tears to finally attain your forgiveness? It seems he has. Well, maybe it's your phone that's the offended party, because this groveling Kinnikuman is a strap for your cell phone.



Dogeza straps (groveling phone straps) are actually a rather popular item, but up to now, the selection has been mainly of crying and groveling typical business men figures connected to your phone. Nobody expected this collaboration between Kinnikuman and the Dogeza Straps.



There are ten types of straps: Kinnikuman, Robin Mask, Terryman, Warsman, Brockenman, Meat-kun, Kintotsuman, Ramenman, Currycook, and a secret, unrevealed strap. You can get the whole set for 2394 yen (about $30.50). They're due to be released on October 31, 2012.









Do you want a Kinnikuman character groveling to you?


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