No, Really? "Hana no Zubora Meshi" Figures?!

Made by top-rate figure company, Union Creative.

The manga about the lazy cook, Hana no Zubora-Meshi ("Hana's Cut-Corner Cooking"), was judged the No. 1 manga for women in 2012 and the manga will soon have a live-action drama in development. Now it even has licensed figures -- the prototype models were on display at Wonder Festival 2012 in Japan.



The manga is about a 30-year old wife whose husband is temporarily transferred far away, so she's spending her time as a single. Hana has a love for food, but doesn't want to waste too much time cooking, so every installment of the manga features at least one recipe for easy-to-make, delicious meal just perfect for lazy Hana. It also seems perfect for women all over Japan because HanaZubo (the shortened title) is an unqualified hit for the publishing company.



The figures are being made by Union Creative International, a high-quality figure maker that also puts out One Piece and Monster Hunter figures as well as the stretchable JoJo's figure we reported on previously. Considering Hana's subject matter and readership, we don't expect these figures to be made for or to sell to the "moe" crowd. But we love to see the wide range of subject matter that Japanese figure makers are trying their hands at!





Does this make you more interested in finding out about Hana?



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