Details Released on the "Toshokan Sensou" Movie

The director talks about his two star actors.

The most important work by Naoki Award-winning author Hiro Arakawa, Toshokan Sensou (Library War), has previously been announced that it will have a movie adaptation. The theatrical release is scheduled to open during Golden Week (first week in May) of 2013. The director will be Shinsuke Sato (GANTZ), and it will star Jun'ichi Okada and Nana Eikura.



Including the side stories, there are six novels total in the Toshokan series and they've sold more then 2,800,000 books.


The Japanese literary journal, Da Vinci put a question to its readers as to who the stars should be of a Toshokan Sensou movie, and the stars that achieved #1 in the poll were Okada and Eikura. Director Sato concurred, "When I read the original book, those two actors are a perfect match for the faces that appear in my head," he told an interviewer.



The story takes place in 2019 when the government enforces a version of legalized censorship. An armed group organized to battle for their human rights, the Tosho-tai ("Library Army"), has decided that the unjust censorship justifies armed resistance. The story focusses on a strict army instructor and a female new recruit.


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