Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Celebrate the birthday of the Boy Who Lived

I wouldn't have known for this if not for a friend of mine who's a real hardcore Harry Potter fan--July 31st is the birthday of the series' titular hero, Harry James Potter!


After seven best-selling books, eight blockbuster movies and one hell of a knock-down, drag-out magical brawl with the sinister Lord Voldemort, Harry is counted as one of the greatest heroes of modern literature, and is important to me for one major reason: the Harry Potter books helped make reading cool again.


Despite showing up on Fanart Friday a handful of times and being the subject of a truly epic piece of fanart, I figured the best way to celebrate Harry's birthday would be with some fan-made anime intros and endings! Check 'em out:


Song: "Redemption" by Gackt, animation by Rans



Song: "Trust Me" by Yuya Matsushita (Durarara!! ED1), animation by はるま



And one more, just for good measure--yeah yeah, I know it's an anime OP or ED:



And we just need to see this one more time:




Never gets old!


Potter fans, when did you start reading the series? Which among the books is your favorite? Which film version is the best? And am I alone in hoping for the BBC to just do a live-action mini-series based on the books, or would everybody just prefer a Harry Potter anime? Sound off in the comments!

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