"Hyouka" Fans to Spend 2.1 Billion Yen for the Local Economy

New TV anime helps the promotion of local industry

It is often said that "Seichi Junrei" (Holy Land Pilgrimage) by anime fans is a key to promote local economy in Japan. The Juroku Bank, a local bank in Gifu Prefecture, estimates that the fans of the school mystery TV anime Hyouka will bring over 2.1 billion yen (approximately US$27 million) into the local economy in 2012. The story of Hyouka is set in Kamiyama-city, a fictional city based on the author's hometown, Takayama-city. The town is located in the northern part of the prefecture with estimated 91,890 population. The Juroku Bank expects visitors to the city for the locations of the anime will be 150,000 in this year.


"Seichi Junrei" is a tour to visit locations from famous anime series. The town of Washimiya in Saitama Prefecture, whose main shrine was featured in the 2007 TV anime Lucky Star, is the most famous example. Will Takayama-city be a new successful example?


"Seichi Junrei" video for the 1st episode by a local fan


Source: Gifu Shimbun


© Honobu Yonezawa/Kadokawa Shoten//Kamiyama Koko Kotenbu OB-Kai

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