WB Toning Down Gun Presence in New "Batman" Cartoon in Response to Aurora Shooting

Series going for more cartoony, sci-fi feel in the wake of Colorado tragedy

With a few exceptions, Batman has always been a dark, fairly violent character in a dark and violent world. While he doesn't use guns, Batman as a character has often had to use creative and brutal violence to take on heavily-armed enemies. In the aftermath of July 20th's savage Aurora, Colorado shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. is trying to tone down the presence of realistic guns in the upcoming CGI-animated series Beware the Batman.


Whereas mobsters in Batman: The Animated Series used to carry realistic-looking Thompson submachine guns, bad guys in Beware the Batman will have slightly-modified weapons. Gun barrels will be changed from round to square to give them the appearance of stylized sci-fi weaponry in a reanimation process that can't possibly be cheap for the studio. Warner Bros. executive animation VP Sam Register is stating that these changes were made of his own initiative and not on orders from the studio.


This is completely understandable in my opinion, but what about you? Do you think this is the right thing for Warner to do after the Aurora tragedy?



via Variety

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