"Persona 4: Arena" Outsells "Street Fighter IV," "Tekken 6," and "BlazBlue" in Opening Week

Atlus and Arc System Works' spin-off of the popular RPG really makes a splash

Well that's a headline I never, ever thought I'd be writing. Atlus and Arc System Works' fighting spin-off of hit RPG Persona 4, titled Persona 4 Arena for its US release, has proven to be just as big a hit in its opening week's sales.


PS3: 128,485

Xbox 360: 9,801




Holy crap, that's not that bad! Compare that to other major fighting game releases' opening week and lifetime sales numbers in Japan:


Street Fighter IV (2009)

PS3: 86,075 | 131,727

360: 37,782 | 51,152


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (2009)

PS3: 33,786 | 57,796

360: 24,812 | 36,065


Tekken 6 (2009)

PS3: 103,105 | 171,188

360: 23,261 | 36,673


Super Street Fighter IV (2010)

PS3: 80,882 | 177,583

360: 28,454 | 46,871


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (2010)

PS3: 49,871 | 85,152

360: 16,184 | 22,543


That's... really impressive, honestly. There's a few things I'm concerned about, though: are these numbers just from Persona fans rushing to pick the game up based on the popularity of the RPGs and the anime? Or is the game just that good? With Persona 4 Arena boasting an in-depth 30-40 hour Story Mode and sharp fighter gameplay from Arc System Works, I can believe it.



Yosuke? Talking about "not getting carried away?" What madness is this?


What do you think? Is Atlus just going to be a one-trick pony with Persona 4 Arena, or do you think we'll be seeing more story-intensive fighting games in the future based on this game's surprising success?



via Siliconera

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