RUMOR: Australian Billionaire Working on Real-Life "Jurassic Park"

"Controversial and eccentric" billionaire Clive Palmer possibly working on real-life dinosaur cloning

Clive Palmer is crazy as hell. The Australian billionaire, who has already mentioned plans of rebuilding a 21st-century version of the Titanic, is rumored to be "in serious discussions" with the scientists who managed to clone Dolly the sheep.


What for, you may ask? Will he be bringing Teddy Roosevelt back from the dead to save the country? Will he be able to make me my own personal Sofia Vergara? Nope, think crazier: according to a report from Business Insider, Palmer is intent on cloning a dinosaur, and letting it roam free in an enclosed Jurassic Park-style area at his Palmer Coolum Resort in Australia.


Right, I can see this ending well.



I dunno, this is pretty insane, but I was a massive dinosaur nut as a kid, so a part of me hopes Palmer is able to get this to work. What about you? Do you think any of Palmer's over-the-top ideas will actually come to fruition?



via IGN, Business Insider

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