Xbox Live Chat Explodes into Violent Attack Between Friends

Victim shot at with handgun, stabbed 22 times after online altercation escalates

Trash-talk in online games is a pretty common thing. Sometimes, you listen to the devil on your shoulder and really get into the spirit of things (warning: NSFW), and sometimes, you just ignore it and move on--there's no sense in dwelling on it and letting it bother you.


Sometimes, some people go over to their friend's house, shoot at them, and stab them two dozen times.



Thankfully, nobody was killed in the Oakley, CA attack, but an as-yet-unnamed 17-year-old walked over to the home of his friend, 20-year-old Kevin Kemp, pushed past Kemp's mother, and confronted Kemp in the house with a handgun and a knife.


This whole thing allegedly started long before the chatroom argument, as Kemp and his friend had been involved in an escalating argument. While they were both chatting on Live, Kemp challenged his friend, saying "Bro, if you want to do this, come over to my house and we'll do this right now."


Ready for a fistfight, Kemp was stunned as his friend showed him the magazine of a loaded handgun, fired at him (and missed), then proceeded to stab him 22 times. The wounds are now stitched up and Kemp and his family are fine, but I think it's safe to say that his friendship with his attacker is well and done. Nobody reminisces with "Hey bro, remember that time I shot at you and stabbed you a bunch? GOOD TIMES!"


While it's just a big coincidence that they happened to be on Xbox Live, talking smack online can lead to real-world retaliation. What do you think about this?


via CBS Local Sacramento

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