Hideki Kamiya Most Interested in Making "Viewtiful Joe" Sequel

"Devil May Cry" creator also regularly discusses content for "Bayonetta" follow-up with producer

Viewtiful Joe is without a doubt one of the most ruthless, classically-hardcore games I've ever played. It takes a truly sadistic mind to award me with only a C- after I dodge enemy gunfire from four directions at once in slow-motion, then kick all the bullets back to take out my attackers with a single spinning kick.


Platinum Games developer (and creator of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta) Hideki Kamiya spoke with Famitsu about making sequels, and said that if given the chance, he would make a sequel for Viewtiful Joe. Kamiya does regularly talk about content for a Bayonetta sequel or spin-off with Bayonetta's producer over drinks, so there's still the chance of everybody's favorite bespectacled stripper-fu expert getting another chance to make gamers feel like weak, mewling children again.


While Viewtiful Joe's anime wasn't exactly high art, I would kill for a new VFX-powered action game. What about you? What classically-hardcore action games would you like to see make a comeback?



via Andriasang

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