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JManga Adds Previously Unreleased "Walkin' Butterfly"

New "Peace Maker," "Monochrome Factor," and "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" also added

Walkin' Butterfly was previously printed in North America by short-lived josei publisher Aurora, and they released three of the fashion model manga's four volumes before going out of business. After introducing the series to their library six weeks ago, digital manga portal JManga is finally bringing the final volume of the manga to English language readers. 


The full list of new additions for this week's Thursday updates includes:


Created by Nanae Chrono
Published by MAG Garden Corporation

An alternate history of the Shinsengumi, as viewed through the eyes of Ichimura Tetsunosuke, a young boy intent on joining their ranks! When the pint-sized Tetsunosuke volunteers for the Shinsengumi, they turn him away as a mere child. Soon afterwards, he runs into a piglet out for a walk with his dark-haired owner. Impressed with Tetsunosuke's spirit, the young man arranges a match between him and famous swordfighter Okita Souji, with Shinsengumi membership as the prize! However...


Created by Nanae Chrono

Monochrome Factor Vol. 4
Created by Kaili Sorano
Published by MAG Garden Corporation
Emissaries from the shadows strike from beyond the edges of reality. An occult battle action series at the boundary of this world and the next!

Walkin' Butterfly Vol. 4
Created by Chihiro Tamaki
Published by Ohzora Publishing Co.
At 5’ 10", our protagonist Michiko is full of complexes about her height. Then, by some freak accident, she finds herself mistaken for a model and at a fashion show. Once there, only the clothing designer, Mihara, is able to see through to Michiko’s true identity and criticizes her with scathing words: “You won't last one step on that catwalk. Because you can't see your true self.” This is a realistic showbiz story about the turbulent world of fashion.

The Morning I Met Goddess
Created by Yohna
Published by Ohzora Publishing Co.
Clarice and Trevor, the up-and-coming young author, have just met for the first time at a party but, strangely, being together already fills Clarice’s heart with joy. Why can’t she get Trevor out of her mind…?! Presenting a collection of 4 love stories starring 4 heroines living together in one boarding house♪ Don’t miss the special edition 9-page bonus about the 4 girls at the end of the issue!

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Vol. 8
Created by Masakazu Ishiguro
Published by Shonen-gahosha Co., Ltd.
At first glance, the shopping district of Maruko appears to be an average shopping street, but it is here that this comedy of not a maid café, but a maid coffee shop unfolds.


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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