"Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei ♥" Gets an Anime

The shojo detective manga in young-girl-oriented "Chao" magazine gets animated.

Mayuki Anan's shojo mystery manga, Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei ♥ ("The Mystery-Solving Princess is a Famous Detective ♥") is published in the pages of Shogakukan's Chao Magazine. It is reportedly the first time in the history of young-girl-oriented Chao that an actual whodunnit mystery manga was ever published in the magazine, and now Chao Issue 9 features an anime on a DVD bundled with the magazine!


Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei ♥ is one of those mysteries where the audience gets pretty much all of the clues that the detective gets and can try to guess the culprit's identity and see through the various nefarious tricks presented by the villains.



In the story, unassuming, book-loving Hinami is living the shy life, but she has a secret identity! When confronted with a mystery, she takes off her glasses to become "Nazotoki-hime" (Mystery-solving Princess), and along with two boys, solves every mystery that confronts her. The popular manga series has had three manga volumes so far, and with this issue, its first anime.



The anime story follows on the heels of the present storyline, Bourei ga Sasayaku Shima ("The Island of Whispering Ghosts"). Hinami is played by Ibuki Kido (Akiko in Oni-Ai), Ritsuka Fujisaki is played by Kaito Ishikawa, and Jin Umesaki is played by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito in Sword Art Online). Haruka Ishida of AKB48 makes a guest appearance as Satoko.



Ready to solve some mysteries?


©Mayuki Anan/Shogakukan


Source: Comic Natalie

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