Kitty Nobunaga Conquers "Dynasty Warriors 7"

First pressing of PS3 game covers with Nobunyaga parts for character customization

Oda Nobunaga looms large in Japanese history as the warlord whose ruthless ambition nearly lead the complete conquest of Japan. While fiction has frequently cast him as demonic, anime watchers have recently seen him recast as a cute girl in Sengoku Collection and The Ambition of Oda Nobuna


If you thought tsundere Nobunaga was absurd, meet Nobunyaga ("nya" as in the Japanese equivalent of "meow" ).


Nobunyaga, the cat version of Nobunaga, is the star of a browser game, and will be invading Romance of the Three Kingdoms China in Tecmo Koei’s Dynyasty Warriors 7. Limited edition first pressings of the game include a code for Nobunyaga parts in the character customization tool.

The PS3 game comes out on September 20 in Japan.

via Siliconera

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