VIDEO: "Kaiketsu Zorori Da-Da-Da-Daibōken!" Anime Movie Trailer

Sunrise revives charming children's anime - Megumi Hayashibara voices heroine

Cinema Today has posted a trailer for Kaiketsu Zorori Da-Da-Da-Daibōken!, the Sunrise (of Gundam and Code Geass fame) adaptation of Yutaka Hara's Kaiketsu Zorori children book series. Animator/storyboard artist Tomoko Iwasaki steps up to the direct new incarnation of a franchise that was previously adapted into two prior TV series and movies, most recently in 2007.


It's kiddie, but it's very charming. 


The movie opens in Japan on December 22 with queen of '90s anime voice acting Megumi Hayashibara (Lina Inverse, Evangelion's Rei) in the role of  the film's heroine. Kouichi Yamadera (Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, Togusa in Ghost in the Shell, Ryoji Kaji in Evangelion) returns to the role of trickster fox Zorori.




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