VIDEO: Moe Temple to Release PC Game "Sutra Master" in Japan

Moe characters help you reach the enlightened state

Ryohoji, a Buddhist temple at Hachiouji, Tokyo, has been known as "Moe temple". It has displayed a large billboard on its premises featuring its own moe characters and has released two moe theme song CDs and one DVD from its record label "Ryohoji Records" to spread Buddhism to the young generation in Japan. Its newest product is a rhythm game "Okyo no Tatsujin" (Buddhist sutra master) for Windows XP/Vista/7, which is scheduled to be released at Comic Market 82 on August 10 to 12 and will be available at various online stores soon. The retail price is 1,000 yen (US$12.70).


The gameplay is very similar to Taiko no Tatsujin/Taiko: Drum Master, but the player hit a mokugyo (fish-shaped wooden temple drum) instead of a normal taiko with the moe theme songs of the temple. According to the temple, the more you hit the mokugyo in the game, the more you

attain the truth of Buddhism. Check the gameplay demo below.




Theme song "Tera Zukkyun! Ai no Ryohoji!" PV




© Ryohoji/Ryohoji Records

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