Hideki Kamiya: "'PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale' is Just a Rip-Off"

"Bayonetta" and "Viewtiful Joe" creator calls out Sony's "Smash"-alike

It's pretty obvious where the influence for Sony's upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is coming from--no life bars, going for a more casual fighting mindset and four-player mayhem are all part of the now very-familiar Super Smash Bros. style of play.

While most of us can just accept the similarities and leave it at that, one of gaming's most celebrated designers of hardcore action games, Hideki Kamiya, feels much more strongly about it. When asked for his thoughts on the game from a fan on Twitter, Kamiya responded:

"No, I don't like that game. It's just a rip-off... I don't like rip-off[s], that's all."

When other fans responded in defense of PS All-Stars, saying that it was just Sony listening to fans and capitalizing on a best-selling series, he simply said:

"And throw morals away. Great."

Whether something's a rip-off or not, it really does come down to who makes the better game--even with Seth Killian at the helm, I don't think this will capture the same magic that Smash Bros. has. Kamiya's one of the few developers I'll accept this kind of talk from, too, since he's constantly pushing the boundaries of action games. What do you think? Is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale just riding the coattails of Nintendo's party brawler, or do they have a chance at setting themselves apart?

via Destructoid

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