Riobot "Gurren Lagann" Figure Pierces the Heavens with Awesomeness

Plus a look at other upcoming Riobot figures out of WonderFest

While it's not explicitly tied to the fifth anniversary of Gurren Lagann, the now shipping Riobot release of the title mecha is quite the impressive monument to the occasion. If you look around you can still find your own replica, which is pretty big (30.0 x 24.7 x 13.4 cm / 810g) and pretty expensive (¥9,500 -$120). 



See a complete Japanese review here and here.


In addition to the previously featured Knights of Sidonia Tsugumori, the Riobot line showcased its Blodia from Cyberbots, Buster Machine No. 7 from Diebuster, Jushin Liger, and Zone of Enders Anubis and Jehuty at the recent WonderFest figures event.




via Mecha Damashii and AmiAmi Blog


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