"Tekken" Producer Interested in Single-Console Market

Believes console developers and publishers should unite against tablet, browser markets

I know there's a slight PS3 bias among the readers here at Crunchyroll--that's fine, it's the way of things. While one day I hope that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo fanboys can all join hands and game in peace, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada wouldn't mind more drastic steps toward unifying the industry side of gaming.


"I think it would be interesting if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo got together just to make one console. It makes me very happy to think about all the possibilities that could occur because of that.


"For a long time, the game industry has been able to control the way people play games. There was a platform that people used solely for their gaming needs, and the industry had control of the trends and such that occurred. [Now] people are able to not be tied down by consoles, and it doesn't stop with phones; we have browser gaming and all these different platforms."



Of course, this is reality now


The possibilities are certainly worth considering, but I've always been a believer in competition fostering excellence. I think I really just want all the fanboyism to end--solidarity among nerds!


What do you think? Are tablet and browser gaming pushing the console market into a corner? We all saw what happened when Sega bowed out of hardware development--should other companies follow suit? Do you think we're eventually only going to have one gaming console?



via Gamespot

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