"Animal Crossing 3DS" Brings New Stores and Customization Options

Tom Nook is so generous--he provides his town's new mayor with a shiny new tent

It feels almost criminal that the last time we got word of Animal Crossing 3DS was back in December of last year. After joining Fire Emblem: Awakening in the E3 2012 Surprise No-Show Club, fans have been waiting with baited breath for news on the mortage-paying, neighorhood-running collectathon.


Tom Nook--now a real estate agent instead of a shopowner--will provide you, the mayor, with a nice, cozy tent upon arrival, which can be upgraded into a proper house over time. New stores include a "miscellaneous store" run by Lisa the alpaca, a new gardening store and the return of the Able sisters and their clothing shop. The museum will now be open 24 hours, offer more fish, insects and fossils to collect, an exhibition room, and a museum shop. Rooftops and doors can now be customized, along with fences and posts.


While the game is titled Animal Crossing Jump Out! in Japan, no US title or release date have been announced. Given the massive success and fan-following of previous titles, though, it's practically a given.


I've always liked Animal Crossing, but it's hard to see the place as anything else but a crazy furry-run labor camp. Maybe that's why I'm so eager to jump into the new one--to start a new chapter of that dark tale. What about you? Will you be building up your perfect town in Animal Crossing 3DS?



via IGN

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