Bandai Markets "Rose of Versailles" Collagen Drinks and "Madoka Magica" Bath Salts

Be a beautiful zombie by using both

Bandai has a couple of upcoming products perfect for shoujo and mahou shoujo fans who want to look pretty. Riyoko Ikeda's manga classic Rose of Versailles, about a noble girl raised as a boy to serve in Marie Antoinette's royal guard, turns forty this year. Maybe so that it doesn't develop wrinkles, Bandai will be selling a branded collagen drink at supermarkets and drug stores.


The fish collagen 5000mg bottles sell for 882 yen  ($11) in three packs.

A bigger event to mark Rose's 40th is an upcoming exhibition at the gallery of the Matsuya Ginza department store building in Tokyo during the second week of September. 300 pieces will be shown from the original manga, its anime adaptation and the Takarazuka Revue musical.


Meanwhile, the big B also has some Madoka Magica - Soul Gem Bath Salt on the way. Hopefully it's not the kind of bath salt that causes cannibalism.


Scents include Miracle (Raspberry, Pink) and Magic (Lavender, Purple). The product is scheduled to ship in early September.

via Comic Natalie and Mantanweb


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