Hardcore Bat-Fan Building $2 Million Batcave Theater in his Home

Greenwich, CT fan's new home theater features secret passages, special elevator and more

I'm a little obsessive about home theater and watching movies and playing games in the best possible environment, but I've got absolutely nothing on this Greenwich, Connecticut fan who is working with Elite Home Theater Seating to have a $2,000,000 Batcave theater constructed in his house.






Please note that these are just CGI mock-ups of the proposed theater, which will include gargoyles, secret passages, a Bat-elevator, a fireplace, sound effects, and a 180-degree rotating screen. From Elite HTS executive Bobby Bala:


"The Dark Knight-themed custom home theater was actually a design concept we did free of charge for one of our previous clients, mainly just for fun. Personally, I'm a huge Batman fan and with a background in CG animation, we were able to finish up the design within a couple weeks."


Right, so who's up for a road trip/house-crashing when The Dark Knight Rises hits Blu-ray?



via IGN

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