Anime Announced For "Cuticle Detective Inaba"

The gene-spliced, hair obsessed detective gets animated.

It was announced on the anime's official website that the nine-volume (and counting) manga, Cuticle Detective Inaba will get an animated version. No details on type, staff or cast were yet announced, but stay tuned to Crunchyroll for any breaking news on the series.



The announcement included a celebratory manga from manga-ka Mochi at the news.


In it, the main character is most excited that in the anime, hair can flutter in the wind.



The note at the bottom is a message from Mochi saying, "I am so very grateful that good luck has blessed me with the chance to see my work animated! I will do my very best to come up with more plots from unknown worlds and newly-met people!



The story is of Hiroshi Inaba, a being created by splicing the genes of a human and a wolf. His wolf senses give him heightened attenuation towards smells and tastes, particulary of hair -- so much that he's pretty much obsessed by hair. He once worked for the police, but he has since struck out on his own in a private detective agency. His arch villain is Don Valentino, an intelligent, evil goat.


Are you excited to see Inaba's hair fetish fully animated?


©Mochi/Square Enix
©Mochi/Square Enix, "Cuticle Detective Inaba" Production Committee


Source: Comic Natalie
Source: Official Inaba website

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