Moe Temple's PC Game "Sutra Master" Canceled due to Patent Infringement

Too similar to the famous drumming game?

This is a follow-up report for the August 7 article. Ryohoji, aka "Moe temple", announced that they will not release their rhythm game "Okyo no Tatsujin" (Buddhist sutra master) at Comic Market 82 this weekend. Hachifuku, the company who has been producing the "Moe Temple" project, explained at the temple's official website today that they received a request not to sell the game and distribute its trial version for patent infringement in the evening of August 9. They didn't mention who sent the request to them and what was exactly wrong with the game.


As the demo video in the previous article showed, the gameplay was very similar to the popular game series Taiko no Tatsujin/Taiko: Drum Master. Some people presume that it may be the reason. The company apologized deeply to the fans and said that they are planning a modified version of the game for future release. 


"We are really sorry."


Source: Netlabo


© Ryohoji/Ryohoji Records

© Hachifuku

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