VIDEO: Watch Miku Turn into Goku in Latest "Project Diva f" Playlist Overview

New eight-and-a-half minute clip previews game's songs and modules

The new eight-and-a-half minute, fifth Hatsune Miku Project Diva f song list preview starts off with a look at the game's take on Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! by daniwell, Left-Behind City from 40mP and ChouchouP's Eh? Ah, Sou. 


What's especially fun here is watching Miku effectively turn into a kitty version of the legendary monkey king Son Goku (inspiration for the like-named Dragon Ball character) while chasing the NyaCat as she Journeys to the West and keeps going.



Modules associated with the new songs include:



Artiste: daniwell

Module: Neko Neko Cave, designed by Miro


Torinoko City (Left-Behind City) 

Artiste: 40mP

Module: Solitude, design by Tama 

Eh? Ah, Sou /

Artiste: ChouchouP (蝶々P)

Module: Murasaki Ageha/ “Purple Swallowtail Butterfly”, designed by riria009


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