Discotek Announces "Lupin the 3rd Green Vs Red" on DVD in 2013

2008 OVA marked 40th anniversary of franchise

Fast growing distributor Discotek Media has announced on its Facebook page that it will release the 2008 Lupin III: Red vs Green OVA next year on DVD. The OVA was created to mark the 40th anniversary of the Lupin III franchise.


Lupin III: Red vs. Green


The story centers on the disappearance of the real Lupin with hordes of people rushing to take up his mantle as the world's greatest thief with a new challenger in Yasuo which plans to beat the real Lupin at his own game, by becoming his doppleganger, save for donning a green jacket to Lupin's famous red coat, which leads to a fevered cat and mouse game that leads to a showdown of epic scale. 


With Discotek seemingly licensing everything an old-school anime fan would want, anyone want to see more Lupin being licensed?

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