Kagamine Rin’s Omelette Napolitan Joins Family Mart X Hatsune Miku Celebration

Plus final packaging for the Hatsune Miku Po Pi Po vegetable juice and GSC figure

Cheerful virtual pop star that she is, vocaloid Hatsune Miku has decided to share the spotlight for her "Famima-Miku" Family Mart convenience store cross promotion. In addition to the vegetable drinks based on song Po Pi Po, leek shape pastries and meat buns, the shops will be offering Kagamine Rin’s Omelette Napolitan. 



cream filled "leek" pastries - 116yen ($1.50)


Po Pi Po drinks 

 350ml bottle - 158 yen ($2.00)

200ml carton - 105yen ($1.35)


Rin’s Omelette Napolitan - available August 14 to September 10 - 40,000 packs will be made - like an omelette rice with spaghetti Napolitan instead of rice and Two slices of cheese garnished on top evoke Kagamine Rin’s trademark head-ribbon. The package sells for 430 yen($5.50)

Kagamine Rin & Len were the second vocaloid product, released on December 27, 2007.

From the Vocaloid Wiki

Crypton Future Media intended to project a Vocaloid with low-teen girl's voice at first following Miku Hatsune, but there was a demand for a boy's voice, so Crypton Future Media hired a voice actress who can produce both sounds. Kagamine Rin was the first voicebank developed and introduced to the Vocaloid consumer market on November 8th 2007.However, the package included two voicebanks: one for Rin and another for Len, both provided by the seiyū Asami Shimoda (下田 麻美Shimoda Asami), Kagamine Len was unveiled later after Kagamine Rin on December 3rd 2007.The package was priced at the same price as Hatsune Miku, even though there was two voicebanks in the box.


At the time of recording in 2007, their names had not yet been decided. Their given names of Rin and Len were said to be based on "right" and "left" according to Asami Shimoda. She later confirmed in an interview after the Append release, the name itself was based on the names of Ken and Rin from Hokuto no Ken, the names were derived from a discussion about names that were familiar from her childhood. According to Asami Shimoda, Len's voice was achieved by singing within her chest, while Rin's at the top of her head.

Meanwhile, Goodsmile Company's Mika-tan blog has shown off the Family Mart version 1/8 scale and Nendoroid prize figure (the Rin is a head swapped on Miku's body)

Hatsune Miku celebrates her fifth birthday on August 31st.

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