UPDATED: "Te-Kyu" Gets Anime After Only 5 Months Serialization

The tennis comedy anime is already scheduled for the Fall Season.

This goes into the "you don't see that very often" department. Take a look, and see if you can figure out what's odd about the picture below.




Answer: It's the first printing of a first volume of a manga with an advertising "obi" on it telling the world that it's been green-lit for a TV anime!


For those who don't know, most manga run for at least two or three years, building up an audience and a stack of stories before the anime gods grant it a TV anime. Te-kyu has been running in its magazine for only five months. It was selected for an anime before even the first volume was released.


Te-Kyu (which comes from the Japanese kanji spelling for tennis, "teikyuu") features high school first-year school girl Yuri Oshimoto who plays "straight-man" (tsukkomi) to the odd second-year members of the school's tennis club. Members such as common-sense impaired Kanae Shinjo, world-traveling and a bit evil Nasuno Takamiya, and sweet, pretty, and a total hentai Marimo Bandou.


Yuri Oshimoto

The series is written by Roots and drawn by Piyo, and it is serialized in Earth Star magazine (from Earth Star Entertainment). Its very first volume was just released on August 11th.


Kanae Shinjo

The Te-Kyu anime will debut at 10:27 PM on October 7th on the channel Tokyo MX. It is directed by Shin Itagashi (BEN-TO, Devil May Cry), and the anime production company is MAPPA (Kids on the Slope). Voice actors include veteran Suzuko Mimori (Himawari Furutani in YuruYuri) as Kanae Shinjo, plus relative newcomers Yui Watanabe as Yuri Oshimoto and Kyoko Narumi as Nasuno Takamiya.


If you read Japanese (or just want to see some pages of the manga), the first three installments of the Te-Kyu manga are available on Earth Star magazine's official website. (Click on the buttons by the small red circles.)


How does gonzo tennis comedy sound to you?


UPDATE: According to Mantan Web, the weekly episodes will be only about two minutes long from 10:27 - 10:29 PM every Sunday evening.


©Roots/Piyo/Earth Star Entertainment/Kameido High School Tennis Club

Source: animeanime.jp

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