Discotek Announces "Shin Hurricane Polymar" Anime OVA Release

DVD release to include English dub

To start off Sunday on a good note for old-school anime fans, Discotek Media has followed up its previous announcement from Friday with the news that it will release the 1990's Shin Hurricane Polymar OVA in the future on DVD with an English dub.


Shin Hurricane Polymar OVA

For those who have only been exposed to Hurricane Polymar via the Tatsunoko vs Capcom fighting game, Hurricane Polymar was one of many Tatsunoko Pro creations, with Polymar being a crimefighter that wears a suit that allows him to transform into almost anything, including vehicles, hence the name Polymar (polymer). The franchise spans 1 TV series from the 70's and the OVA along with the video game appearance.


Anyone looking forward to this release? 

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