Go Nagai Launches Moe Devilman Spin-Off Manga

Manga to launch in Comic Heaven along side new manga from author of "Boys Be..."

If you were an anime fan in the 90's, you might never have watched Devilman, but you were certain to have been aware of the horror superhero thanks to the promos on the front Manga release. And, because of that trailer for Devilman Yocho Sirène Hen, most older fans will recognize harpy adversary Sirène.



The Dirty Uncle of Manga, Go Nagai is now giving he character her own moe manga. In earlier versions of Devilman, Sirène was a demon in love with Amon - the Demon Lord of War who fuses with Japanese teen  Akira Fudo - turning him into Devilman. Violent conflict groups up when jealousy blinds her with rage.

In Sirène-chan, she'll be a cute school girl who as a bit of an issue with the fact she has giant claws for hands.


 The manga will launch in seinan anthology Comic Heaven along side Hiroyuki Tamakoshi's (Boys Be..., Gacha GachaHinata ni Rin to Saku Himawari Shou.

via Manga-News

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