"Tokitowa" English Version Confirmed by Game's Producer

Imageepoch developed RPG to be released on October 11th in Japan

The last we saw of lush RPG Toki to Towa, the game got a second character trailer showing off Toki's alter ego Towa, which showed off Japanese animation studio Satelight's extensive animation work in the game.


Toki to Towa JP Collectors Edition


Now, the latest report from Taiwanese gaming news portal Gamer.com.tw confirms that the game will indeed get an English version, following previous statements and rumors regarding the possibility of an English language release for the game. Ironically enough, the confirmation of the English version came as the producer for the game in Kay Hirono also confirmed that the game would not receive a Chinese version for either Taiwan or Hong Kong. Below, the translated statement in full:


 “This time, I brought with me the newest info on the game for everyone who likes Vofan (the game’s artist). Besides the Japanese version, there are only plans to release an English version. So far, I am sorry, there are no plans to produce a Chinese version of the game.”


With the confirmation of the English version of the game being in the works, it's only a matter of time before Namco Bandai issues a complete press release detailing pricing and release info. Anyone interested in picking up Toki to Towa now that it will definitely get an English version? 


via Gematsu

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