Manga Museum Presents "The Theory of Gainax Animation" Special Exhibition

"The Theory of Gainax Animation - A Flock of People Makes Animation!" exhibit this fall at Kyoto International Manga Museum

From September 22 - December 24, 2012, Kyoto International Manga Museum are presenting a wowing look at Gainax, entitled "The Theory of Gainax Animation - A Flock of People Makes Animation!" It is a special exhibition that will show you how Gainax created its business scheme to produce masterpieces over a period of thirty years, works like The Wings of Honneamise, Evangelion, FLCL, and Gurren Lagann. 


From the exhibition's English page


It is no exaggeration to say that the dynamism of the anime works by Gainax has set the trends in the anime industry. Thanks to a wealth of material and exhaustive date we are able to exhibit everything from the moment a project is born, to the process of how the contents grow when the announcement of a work transforms into a huge market.

Here you can find the real site of anime production, something you'll never see in business or textbooks!


Basically, we are showing the production order to make an entire work. In this exhibition, we would like visitors to see the management power it takes to support people and technique and creation.

<1st venue> Gallery 1 and 2

We are reproducing the anime production projects, the production team, the scenario meetings, the character design, the art, photography, every single process involved, with desks and material actually used at Gainax, so you can view the roles of all the people involved. You will be able to witness how animation is made.

<1st venue> Gallery 3

This is a "fan room" of works made by Gainax. Please enjoy the valuable artifacts.

<2nd venue> Gallery 4 (free access)

This is a room where you can watch a selection of animation made by Gainax. A number of related artifacts are exhibited too, and here you can find articles you can buy too


Related Events

Opening event
Talk show "Let's talk about how to make animation the Gainax way"

In the first part, Takami Akai, producer at Gainax, and Takeshi Yoro, executive director of the Museum, will have a debate, and in the second part, the session will focus on real talk by heavy weights in the Japanese anime industry, about how Gainax was able to produce acclaimed works for thirty years, and about the difficulties of producers and the involvement of creators.

We are also planning a special screening of "The Wings of Honneamise"

The talk show will be held only in Japanese.

Date September 12, 2012 
Part 1:1pm - 2pm (debate) 
Part 2:2:30om - 5:30pm (talk show, special screening)


A whole day about "Gurren Lagann"

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the first airing of "Gurren Lagann", we are screening a secret documentary, the film as it was shown in theatres, and we have also planned a talk show with special guests, it is a day during which you will be able to enjoy "Gurren Lagann" to the fullest extent!

September 23, 2012 11am - 6pm (Scheduled)

Not related to the event, but to get you into the spirit...

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