200 Characters Planned for a Regional Development Project in Japan

160,000 populated city needs 200 anime-style girls and boys to promote itself

As we have reported many times, moe and yuru, or anime/manga style characters have been often featured in the promotional activities for industries in local Japanese cities. So how many characters is enough for the purpose? Ogaki-city in Gifu prefecture thinks it's 200.


Ogaki-city is a local city with 160,000 population located in the southwest part of the prefecture. Studioareion, an anime/CG graphic company in the city, has started a project named "Ogaki Kyun Monogatari" to promote the city by using anime-style characters who represent each streets and areas in the city. They plan to announce six new characters every month and there will be 200 in total. Do you think 200 characters is enough for the 160,000 populated city? How do you like the characters? The first six characters are below.


*Main characters: Ogaki three sisters and brother

Yun Ogaki  (16 year old high school student)

Shoko Ogaki (19 year old junior college student)

Suito Ogaki (14 year old junior high school student)

*Characters for the central area of Ogaki-city

Riko Minamiwakamori (16 year old high school student)

Satoshi Akasaka (22 year old high school teacher)

*Character for the Sunomata area

Kazuya Sunomata (18 year old high school student)

Source: Gifu Shimbun

© Ogaki Kyun Monogatari


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