VIDEO: "Bakemonogatari Portable" Tsubasa Cat Promo

A look at the game's end of boss of sorts

In the latest promo for the soon to be released Bakemonogatari Portable PSP game, Namco Bandai teases a look at the fifth and final story from the Bakemonogatari light novels, "Tsubasa Cat." After that, the progression of Nisio Isin stories hits Kizumonogatari's "Koyomi Vamp," then the Nisemonogatari light novel's "Karen Bee."


So, maybe this is a look at the game's end boss of sorts.



The game version of the Nisio Isin light novel/Shaft anime is due out August 23rd.



Senjougahara-themed limited edition includes a booklet, a pouch, a set of custom themes, a special content DVD, a voice CD, and a collector's box.


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