"Wild Adapter" Manga Returns in Spring 2013

Kazuya Minekura will be coming back after surgery.

After a bout with the disease, ameloblastoma, surgery and rehabilitation, it was announced that Kazuya Minekura (Saiyuuki) will be able to continue Wild Adapter again in the spring of 2013.


In the story, Makoto Kubota is 17-year-old ex-Yakuza who becomes the guardian of amnesiac Minoru Tokito. Together they try to track down clues regarding the dangerous drug Wild Adapter as well as any indications of Tokito's past.



The Wild Adapter manga was licensed in 2007 by TokyoPop which went on to publish all six volumes of the series before closing up manga operations. It has two anime OVAs from the early 2000s that were never released in the U.S., and reportedly there will be a new Wild Adapter OAV that was announced last Spring.




Were you following the Wild Adapter manga?


Source: Comic Natalie

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