VIDEO: "Hidamari Sketch TV Shopping" Promo

Aniplex and Yuno-cchi present Home Shopping style promotion of Hidamari Sketch × 365 Blu-ray set

Before there was Madoka Magica, there was Hidamari Sketch, director Akiyuki Shinbo's adaptation of character designer Ume Aoki's manga about the daily lives of a group of young artists. For the Blu-ray release of the second season, Hidamari Sketch × 365, Aniplex's Yuma Takahashi and Hidamari Apartments' Yuno took to Japanese TV to hock the collection and a special bonus. 


In a Home Shopping style special, Takahashi and Yuno-cchi talked up the Blu-rays, along with a special, very limited storyboard book, available to 500 buyers. See the commercial below.



via @maguma178 and Yaraon

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