Four Straw Hats Confirmed for RPG "One Piece: Romance Dawn"

Upcoming RPG follows Straw Hat crew in their early East Blue adventures.

Originally, it looked like PSP RPG One Piece: Romance Dawn was going to be mostly a Luffy based affair, but a new preview shows that Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji will also be playable in the game, which follows the Straw Hat crew in their early East Blue adventures. 


Not unexpectedly, the game will present boss adversaries Arlong, Buggy, and Don Krieg as it tracks through the Arlong Park, Orange Town, and Baratie arcs. To overcome these baddies, it'll offer RPG mechanics for improving abilities such as speed, defense, and attack strength.

One Piece: Romance Dawn is scheduled to be released in Japan in the Winter of 2012.

via Saiyan Island

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