VIDEO: Promotional Video for Prism Nana Is Officially Streamed

You can get more of a glimpse of Shaft's new magical girl anime!

The latest magical girl anime, Magical Suite Prism Nana from the production company that brought you Madoka Magica has its first promotional video streamed! Aside from the production company being Shaft, it also announces that the character designs are from Kantoku (Hentai Ooji to Warawanai Neko).



The main characters are (in order of appearance) Itaru Washioka (red), Asuka Asagi (green), and Kotone Oribe (blue).


Crunchyroll brought you photos and video of the Prism Nana rollout at Comiket in a previous news article. It contains a video taken at Comiket of a screen showing the above video, but this video seems to be directly from the source. Hope you enjoy the better sound and pictures!



Are you looking forward to some more Shaft magical-girl action?


Source: Yaraon

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