"My Name Is Noda" Gets a Third TV Live-Drama Season

The series of short comic dramas is brought back on NHK in Oct.

NHK has decided to run the third series of short dramas based on the Kodansha manga, Noda to Moushimasu ("My Name is Noda") by Aya Tsuge. It will be a series of 20 short programs starting on October 1st on NHK's One-Seg 2 (TV for mobile devices) and E-TV broadcast networks.


Noriko Eguchi will come back to play the main character, Noda-san, while the part of Tomizawa will be played by AKB48's Yuka Masuda.


Eguchi said of the new season, "It will be different in that we'll be able to go places we haven't before. For example there will be a scene that will shock the viewers where Noda goes to a beauty parlor and actually lets her hair down."


My Name is Noda is about a plain-looking college student at the fictional Heisei University, and the comedy that comes from her daily life.



Any My Name is Noda fans out there?


Source: Comic Natalie

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