VIDEO: "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" Looks as Mental as Ever

GamesCom trailer shows blood, blades… and a talking robot dog

Hopefully you didn't expect Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to tone down its insanity at all, because the trailer released at GamesCom 2012 is completely mad. See Raiden wield his razor-sharp blade while slicing dudes, battling choppers, and squaring off against a talking robot dog. 



Maybe we should just stop making games after PlatinumGames is done with Revengeance. Where do we go from here? From the end of the clip it looks like Raiden reprograms the dog to be his buddy. Does that essentially make this a followup to Sega Genesis classic Shadow Dancer? A man can dream.


We'll find out how it turns out next year. It looks like Japan is getting it on February 21, and it hits North America on February 19.



Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. His blog can be found at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter at @Moldilox.

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