Mega Man Crossover RPG Coming to iPhone

Game includes every iteration of the Blue Bomber (plus Zero), and your own custom battle robot

Capcom adds to its horrible habit of making games with an X in the title that you're supposed to pronounce "cross" (i.e. Street Fighter "Cross" Tekken, Project "Cross" Zone)--only this time, it makes more sense.




To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, Capcom is working on a social RPG featuring every version of the Blue Bomber to date. Titled Rockman Xover, it's being released this fall in Japan for iPhones. Taking place in Xover World (Crossover World), a combination of every Mega Man universe, players will take control of a special mass-produced battle robot co-developed by Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack. Series villains including Dr. Wily and Sigma have trapped all of the individual Mega Man heroes, so it's up to you, other players, and this new customizable robot to save the world.






I'm normally pretty optimistic when it comes to games, but... this looks too much like the craptastic iOS port of Mega Man X. If one of my all-time favorite games got that kind of treatment, you can understand why I'm a little leery of this--even if the idea sounds fun as hell.




What do you think? Is Mega Man Xover (Rockman Xover in Japan) going to be better than we all expect?


via Andriasang

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