Sony Worldwide Head: PS Vita Not Getting a Price Cut in 2012

Sony's aim is for more content before price reduction is really addressed

Maybe I'm a little too hard on the Vita. Oh, what the hell am I saying, of course I'm hard on the Vita, it's a handheld that completely forgets what handheld gaming is all about (taking advantage of a lower development cost to either completely innovate or bring back a less-profitable style of gaming) in favor of bringing a 100% console experience on the go.



For real, Sony--more Vita games like this, less Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Speaking with Eurogamer, Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida explained that there would not be a price drop for the PlayStation Vita this year. Gamers will instead have to look for bundles and deals. Yoshida stated that they'll be focusing on providing more content for Vita owners, and that Sony engineers are trying to reduce the cost of making what is essentially a portable PS3.


It's surprising, since the originally slow-starting 3DS got a major boost in sales and its second wind after a major price drop. With the Vita still on the ropes, should Sony consider a price drop? It's obvious that farther down the road, Sony will include memory cards with new units or pack-in games, but right now we're still stuck with a $300 handheld with only a handful of titles to really set it apart.



C'mon, Sony. Ask Sega. Bully Sega. Do something before Fire Emblem and Advance Wars hit 3DS.


What do you think? Would a price drop really help the Vita, or is Sony making the right move by focusing on content first?



via Eurogamer

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