VIDEO: New Otaku Idol Unit Tone Jewel's 1st Single "Kimiiro Inryoku"

Two Japanese and one Australian girls unit sing for otaku

Tone Jewel, a high school girls idol unit consists of two Japanese and one Australian, will be releasing their first major mini album "Kimiiro Note" (The note of your color) in Japan on August 22. The promotional video for "Kimiiro Inryoku" (Gravity of your color), the lead track from the album, has been revealed on Victor Music's official YouTube channel. Tone Jewl's members are Riko Kayama, Kana Sakura (aka KanaP), and Cakehime✩Yuumi (Australian). They call themselves "Gachi Ota Idol" (Hardcore Otaku Idol). They have performed for Nico Nico Douga's "Utattemita" category and have released some doujin/Indie CDs. Who is your favorite girl?


"Kimiiro Inryoku" PV


(from left) Kana Sakura, Riko Kayama, Cakehime✩Yuumi


"Kimiiro Note" CD cover


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