A "Gundam" Weapon, Heat Hawk, Slices an Art Museum

A 1-1 scale of the MS-06 Zaku II weapon is on display.

The Hiroki Oda Museum of Art in Kama city in Fukuoka Prefecture has a new exhibit. It's a 1-1 scale model of the Heat Hawk, the weapon of the MS-06 Zaku II from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, is on display, cutting into the middle of the floor.



The 7-meter (23-foot) Heat Hawk was originally designed by mecha design legend Kunio Okawara, and it will be on exhibit from August 18th through October 8th. It goes on special display along with other Okawara artwork (designer on such anime classics as Gatchaman, Time Bokan, Yattarman, and many more). They say the materials used to make the Heat Hawk are being kept secret.







The northern Kyushu island museum usually houses works of popular culture art such as the original movie posters and other memorabilia. Entrance fees are only 300 yen (about $3.77 at current rates).


Anyone planning on a Kyushu trip willing to make a slight detour?

Source: Otakomu
Image Source: Gundam.info
image Source: Museum Official Website 

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