Good Smile Company Shows Off Upcoming Saber and Professor Shinonome Figures

Previews of Saber: Yukata ver., Saber Bride, Nendoroid Hakase and Nendoroid Erica Hartman

In the wake of late July's Summer Wonder Fest, the figure maker Good Smile Company's Mikatan blog has been gradually sharing looks at a host of adorable figures based on characters like My Ordinary Life's Professor and Fate's Saber. 


1/8th Scale Saber: Yukata ver. dressed the Fate/Zero - Fate/stay night heroine up for summer festivals.

From the blog's description:

It’s like she’s asking, “Want some?”

They way her hand is far out makes it feel like I’m out on a date with Saber and she is offering me some of the candied apple!! I can’t believe I got a date with Saber-san!!

This is how she looks from the back!

Even this side is more than cute enough!!! ・(ノД`)・゚・。

She is wearing a lovely blue yukata with darker blue morning glory prints along it.

I love seeing characters in yukatas, they always look so cute! I suppose part of the reason is because you don’t get to see them like this very often, but there must be more to it than that…

Her lovely hipline is visible through the yukata!

Your eyes just go straight for those lovely hips, don’t they? Often with kimonos or yukatas a towel will be placed between the bust and fabric to prevent them from standing out too much, so being able to make out the other areas of the body through the fabric becomes all the more important!

She also comes with a ponytail option!

An very nice extra option from FREEing!! The ponytail makes her look even more cuter to me – she looks more relaxed somehow!

Even the back of her neck is cute!

Saber looks like she has her attention elsewhere – I’m guessing there are more stands with some delicious festival food she wants to try! :P

You can also switch around which hands are holding the candied apple and the folding fan. (Well, you can on the prototype, we’ll have to wait and see if it is still possible on the final version!)

The second in the set is Ilya: Yukata ver.!

Ilya has a yukata with a similar shade of purple to her normal outfit, along with a lovely pink ribbon! She is posed in a much more exited pose as a lovely contrast to the calm Saber!

She even has a Berserker mask!

She looks so adorable in this pose! Rin and Sakura will also be following to complete the Fate girls Yukata collection, allowing you to keep all four of them by your side, all wearing the yukatas that come directly from the designs in the game!


The figure went up for preorder this week.


The blog showcased the final version of figma Saber Bride, which is an exclusive for the limited edition release of PSP game Fate/Extra CCC - due to be released February 21, 2013.

via the blog's introduction:

From the game set in 2032 where the fight for the Holy Grail is taking place in a cyber world, ‘Fate/Extra CCC’ comes a figma of Saber Bride! A brand new story filled with action and intrigue for Fate fans to enjoy!


This is how she looks from the back!

To summarize my thoughts up – the detail is incredible! figma only measure about 14cm in height, to see this much detail is incredible!! (((゚Д゚)))

The pattern on the veil is beautiful, and the fasteners all over the outfit are so amazingly detailed – overall the sculpting is just outstanding for a figma!

A sword is also included with the figma!

She comes with hand parts to hold the sword and swing it around like this, but she also comes with another hand part with her little finger in the air! That elegant pose will be perfect for the elegant outfit this version of Saber is wearing – she just needs a tea cup!

/ ̄ ̄ ̄\
/ ─    ─ \
/  <○>  <○>  \.  “Do I see what I think I see?!”
|   (__人__) し |
\    |r┬-|   /
/  し` ー’´    \

Definitely a rather risqué wedding dress, but that aside, the dress and veil both make use of some gradient clear parts! But there is so much more to enjoy as well – the detailed little pattern along the edges of the dress, the chains and locks hanging from the outfit and that little triangle of skin peeking through the outfit!

A fringe and expression to match Takashi’s illustration are also included!

Fate/stay night’s character designer, Takashi Takeuchi, also illustrated a version of Saber Bride that looked like this! Fans of the original Fate series might be more compelled to display her like this instead – but either way you get to choose which one you prefer!


From the anime series, ‘Nichijou’:

via the blog's introduciton:

Nendoroid Hakase!

From the anime series that was broadcast on NHK Education TV comes a Nendoroid of the self-proclaimed 8-year old genius - Shinonome Laboratory’s Hakase! She also comes with a load of optional parts that are great for displaying her together with the previous Nendoroid from the series, Nano Shinonome!


Thanks to her really long lab coat, she has to be one of the most stable Nendoroids ever! (I’m pretty certain she won’t even need a stand :P ) The little hair sticking up on her head also looks lovely!

She also comes with the Sakamoto the black cat, a Sakamono Pharmacy cardboard box and a low table!

I’m Hakase-nyan!

        / ノ ‘ ヽ\
      / (≡)   (≡)\    ”She is so adorable!!!”
     / /// (__人__) ///\
     |      |:::|     |  
     \     l;;;l    /l!| !
     /     `ー’    \ |i  
   /          ヽ !l ヽi
   (   丶- 、       しE |そ  
    `ー、_ノ       ∑ l、E ノ <

Is this anything but adorable!?

This super cute version of Hakase can be made using the included cat ears, cat tail and bent arm parts! Her chest area is also fitted with a joint so you can pose her bent over slightly like this to complete the pose!  Wonderful!


A super happy expression!

Just looking at this expression makes me feel happy as well! She is so cute!! Plus she comes with her favorite swiss roll and mug, so you can see exactly why she is so happy!

She also has sitting parts which I love!  Σ(゚∀゚ )
The way she is sitting with her bare feet showing is so cute!

A crying face that’s just as cute!

It’s adorable!! It makes me want to take more snacks away from her so she cries some more!! The way her eyes are drawn along with the wavy mouth are just so wonderful!

Rock, paper, scissors!

You can recreate the rock, paper, scissors matches between Hakase and Nano! Now I finally understand why the shark hand was included with Nano! Great job planning team! Hakase even comes with a sleeve part being bitten by the shark!

The Shinonome household!

Hakase also comes with a teacup to recreate teatime in the Shinonome household! I definitely want to grab these two and display them above my desk just like this!


Pre-orders kick off today.


Technically, Erica Hartman isn't a Nazi - she's from Imperial Karlsland - she's also the 6th Strike Witches Nendoroid:

From the hit anime series ‘Strike Witches’ comes the 6th Nendoroid from the series – the super ace of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Erica Hartmann. As with the previous Strike Witches Nendoroids, she comes with a variety of optional parts to recreate your favorite scenes, including air combat scenes! 

The base of the stand also includes the 501st Joint Fighter Wing logo just like the previous Strike Witches Nendoroids. (This isn’t visible on the prototype, but will be on the final product.) 

Receiving orders wearing her hat!

You can pose saluting by using the included bent arm! If you want to recreate the scene more precisely you’ll need to make use of Lucchini’s pants parts! :P

The attractive hitchhiking pose!

If you use the same bent arm backwards, you can create this sexy pose! The winking expression is great for all sorts of different scenes. Her hat can of course also be removed!

Posed with her Strike Unit attached!

Erica is well known to be a super efficient and strategic flier when it comes to aerial combat – she has taken down over 200 opponents! She holds her MG42 with a specially included arm and hand parts to do so!

She also comes with an expression for combat!
Plus we can’t forget the included tail and alternate fringe parts to recreate her Dachshund ears! They’re so very cute!

Her special ‘Sturm’ technique!

Erica spins her body around to create powerful waves of wind, and the technique can even be recreated in Nendoroid form! She comes with partially clear effect parts, along with special arms to pose her just like this! She looks life she could defeat anybody in the skies with this attack!


       /      \    ”The ‘Sturm’ arms disconnect at the wrists,
      /   ─    ─ \    so you can use other hands with them too!”
    /    (●)  (●) \
    |     (__人__)   | ________
     \      |r┬-|   ,/| |        |
    ノ      `ー’´  \ | |         |
  /´               |          |
 |    l             | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、   | |_______|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

Pre-orders kicked off earlier this week.

via Mikatan Blog


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime. 

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