May J Single to Include "Tokitowa" DLC

Singer's new single in "Rewind" featured as game's theme

Following up on last Sunday's news regarding an English release of Imageepoch's next major game in Tokitowa, Amazon Japan listings have confirmed the forthcoming release of the game's theme "Rewind" performed by singer May J one day before the game's release on Ocober 10th.


Tokitowa 1


What makes the release of the single special is that it will be bundled with a redemption code for Tokitowa's first DLC release, titled Tokitowa Another Story. The only problem is that there aren't any more details on whjat exactly the Another Story DLC will consist of, so we'll be left to wonder until the game itself is released the next day.


Tokitowa 2


Anyone hazard a guess as to what the DLC could include? The title leads me to believe that it follows the main game, but it could also be a side story so anyone's guess is as good as mine.


via Gematsu 

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